1. Open your theme.liquid.
Search the open <head> Tag.
Directly below the open head Tag
enter the following Javascript:

2. Go back to Onlineshop.
Open: "Customize Theme"
Select the page you want to
integrate the audio player on,
or create a new page. Add a
new section called "Custom Liquid".
Insert the following code.
The player is already working now.
See below for further instructions.

3. If you want to use multiple
players on one page, add a new
section "Custom Liquid" again.
You can use the same code as
above, but you need to change
the player ID's.
For player 2 in 2, for player 3
in 3 and so on.
Remove all
It's just for your orientation.
Example for a second player:

5. If you use multiple players on
a page, you can stop all other
players as soon as they start.
Look for the following line of
does mean the player you want
to start, "pausieren('player2')"
does mean the player you want
to stop."

6. If you have more than two players
(e.g. 5) you can stop all other 4
players when e.g. player 2
is started. To do this, you must
change the code in a way that all
other players are stopped.
If you want player 2 to start
you need to stop players 1,3,4
and 5. And so forth. Example:"